Guardians of the Digital Realm: Honoring Excellence, Inspiring Innovation


In an era where digital landscapes are both the frontier and the battlefield, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. Safeguarding sensitive information and fortifying digital infrastructure are paramount endeavors in the modern age. As we stride into the future, the CYSEC UAE Awards stand as a beacon of recognition, illuminating the remarkable efforts of cybersecurity professionals across the Middle East.

The CYSEC UAE Awards is not merely an occasion for applause; it is a testament to the dedication, ingenuity, and unwavering commitment of cybersecurity professionals. It is a celebration of those who transform challenges into opportunities, who turn vulnerabilities into strengths, and who safeguard our digital ecosystems with unwavering resolve. 

Join us as we celebrate the champions of cybersecurity!


CYSEC Cybersecurity Leader of the Year

Celebrating outstanding leadership in cybersecurity, this award recognizes an individual who has shown exceptional leadership and influence in the cybersecurity realm, inspiring change and progress as the CYSEC Cybersecurity Leader of the Year.

CYSEC Cybersecurity Educator of the Year

Recognizing dedication to cybersecurity education, this award commends an exceptional educator who has demonstrated excellence in imparting knowledge, fostering skills, and inspiring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals as the CYSEC Cybersecurity Educator of the Year.

CYSEC Woman Cybersecurity Innovator Award

A distinguished award for women who are pioneers in cybersecurity, creating innovative solutions that redefine the industry’s future.

CYSEC Best Open-Source Project of the Year

In acknowledgment of exceptional achievement in cybersecurity, this award distinguishes the most exemplary open-source project of the year, showcasing innovation, practicality, and significant contributions to digital defense as the CYSEC Best Open Source Project of the Year.

CYSEC Cybersecurity Researcher of the Year

Honoring excellence in cybersecurity research, this award acknowledges a visionary researcher who has made significant contributions to advancing the understanding and solutions in cybersecurity as the CYSEC Cybersecurity Researcher of the Year.

CYSEC Best Cybersecurity Graduation Project of the Year

Highlighting innovation and excellence in cybersecurity education, this award honors the student or team with the most outstanding graduation project, showcasing creativity, technical proficiency, and real-world applicability as the CYSEC Best Cybersecurity Graduation Project of the Year.

CYSEC Best Cybersecurity Practice Award

Recognizing organizations that have demonstrated excellence in implementing comprehensive and effective cybersecurity strategies. The recipient will have shown innovation in security practices, effectiveness in risk management, and leadership in the field of Cybersecurity


Overall Cybersecurity Solution Provider of the Year

Recognizing unparalleled excellence in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, this award honors the Overall Cybersecurity Solution Provider of the Year for delivering exceptional services and technologies that safeguard organizations against evolving threats and challenges.

Best Cloud Security Solution

Acknowledging excellence in safeguarding cloud environments, this award celebrates the Best Cloud Security Solution of the Year, recognizing a cutting-edge provider for their innovative and effective approach in securing digital assets within the cloud.

Best Disaster Recovery and Backup Security Provider

Recognizing excellence in data protection and recovery, this award honors the top provider in safeguarding information integrity and ensuring seamless restoration in times of crisis.

Most Innovative Cyber Security Solution

This award honors the Most Innovative Cybersecurity Solution of the Year, recognizing a groundbreaking and forward-thinking approach to addressing the evolving challenges in digital security.

Best VAD Company of the Year

Recognizing exceptional value-added distribution, this award celebrates the Best VAD Company of the Year for their outstanding contributions, strategic partnerships, and excellence in providing unparalleled support and solutions to partners and clients.

Best Identity and Access Management Solution

Emphasizing the critical role of identity and access management, this award celebrates the Best Identity and Access Management Solution of the Year, recognizing a solution that excels in ensuring secure and efficient access control, authentication, and identity governance.

Best Threat Intelligence Solution

Honoring excellence in proactive cybersecurity, this award recognizes the Best Threat Intelligence Solution of the Year, acknowledging a cutting-edge solution that effectively identifies, analyzes, and mitigates cybersecurity threats to safeguard organizations.

Best Cybersecurity Start-up

Spotlighting innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, this award celebrates the Best Cybersecurity Start-up of the Year, recognizing a standout newcomer for their exceptional contributions and groundbreaking solutions in the dynamic landscape of digital security

How to apply for the

How is each Category Evaluated?


Your submission will be reviewed by the CYSEC UAE and CYSEC GLOBAL team to ensure that your submission is compliant with the submission guidelines (length of copy, documents provided etc.)


The compliant submission will be shared with the committee who will then evaluate all category entries, to rate them based on the criteria defined for that category. A short list of the best entries for the category will be agreed upon by the committee and announced.


The committee will then meet to review and evaluate in detail the submissions with a discussion of their merits. Another round of ratings and scores will be allocated by the committee to define the winner.